Where does the government work report for 2020 focus on infrastructure investment

2020-01-16 11:21:23 GARY

Beginning in January, the local two sessions held intensive, more new words, liang ci frequency local two sessions scene.Reporters found that remarkable achievements were made in 2019. Different from previous years, the report on the work of the government in many localities in 2020 was more focused on "new infrastructure" in terms of infrastructure investment.


On January 13, the Ministry of Finance expert database experts, 360 financial PPP tounokawa research center director told reporters that at present, our country is in economic from rapid growth to high quality development stage, the local government to consumption upgrading industries balanced development, comprehensive and effective investment has become an inevitable path, thus supporting industries and infrastructure are facing to the high standards of service mode transformation of the overall appeal.Therefore, "new infrastructure" has become a key factor to facilitate the transformation of services and even economic drivers.


Overall, "new infrastructure" will focus on areas that promote efficient flow of information and resources, such as 5G, Internet, big data and logistics.And project areas where sensor devices, data centers, and information security systems are used to help traditional infrastructure upgrade iteratively.


Wang qing, chief macro analyst of Orient jincheng, said in an interview with reporters that the traditional infrastructure construction is represented by "tiegong-based", mainly including road transportation, traditional energy and other projects."New infrastructure" focuses on digitalization of information and new energy, mainly including 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, Internet of things, as well as uhv, charging piles, cold chain logistics and other projects.

"New infrastructure" will be a hot investment destination in 2020


According to the work report of hubei provincial government, hubei will continue to make efforts in 2020, focusing on four national-level industrial bases and ten key industries, aiming at subdivisions, and gathering more second headquarters and unicorns.We will accelerate the construction of major projects such as the second phase of the national memory base and the second phase of tianma G6.We will accelerate the large-scale transformation of IPV6 and the commercial application of 5G.

The henan provincial government work report also focuses on the development of "new infrastructure", pointing out that 5G networks will start to be applied in ultra-hd video, smart medical and other fields in henan province in 2019.The added value of strategic emerging industries and high-tech manufacturing increased.In 2020, henan will focus on nine areas, including infrastructure, people's livelihood and the ecological environment, and carry out around 8,000 major projects with an investment of 2 trillion yuan.5G will be fully covered in urban areas above the county seat, and large-scale commercial use of 5G will be launched in the whole province.


The Beijing government work report pointed out that the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, efforts to build a global impact of science and technology innovation center.We will focus on serving major national scientific and technological tasks, advance basic research, applied basic research, and international research on cutting-edge technologies in the fields of quantum, optoelectronics, and medical and health care, and implement regulations on promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.At the same time, greater efforts will be made to promote the development of high-end industries, and the implementation plan for Beijing to build a modern economic system will be introduced.We will implement the plan to upgrade the digitalized, intelligent and green manufacturing sector.Focus on the development of integrated circuit industry.

According to wang qing, there are two main reasons for the widespread emphasis on "new infrastructure" investment. First, after years of development of traditional infrastructure, marginal investment returns have declined.With the exception of some strategic and network-type projects, the scope for a significant increase in investment in the short term is limited.Second, "new infrastructure construction" represents the direction of economic transformation and upgrading. There is huge market potential and some demand is being unleashed.Xu guangrui, deputy director of the national academy of sciences, told the securities daily that there are three main reasons for local governments to focus on "new infrastructure".First, in 2020 and in the years to come, investment, especially effective and high-quality investment, will continue to play a key role in economic development.Second, the new type of infrastructure plays a more prominent role in promoting economic growth, especially the growth of digital economy, smart economy and new-generation information technology, which are important support for high-quality economic development.Third, both traditional and new types of infrastructure have relatively strong controllability and quick results. At the same time, they can drive the demand for relevant fields and technologies, and play a positive role in stabilizing employment and expectations, with significant external effects.


The role of the capital market in supporting the "new infrastructure" has been further highlighted


It can be said that compared with traditional infrastructure projects, "new infrastructure" usually stands at the forefront of global technology and is clearly driven by innovation.


Xu guangrui says there are three main differences between the new infrastructure and the traditional infrastructure.First, the foundation is different. The new infrastructure pays more attention to the application of science and technology, driving the production and application of smart equipment.Second, different functions. The new infrastructure is not only a new form of business and technology, but also can stimulate more new demands through data collection, calculation, simulation and feedback.Third, the model is different. The new type of infrastructure can attract more private capital to participate in the investment and operation through richer financial means, so as to optimize and change the traditional pattern of infrastructure mainly based on government investment.


Tang chuan said that the local two sessions focus on "new infrastructure", for master high and new technology unicorn enterprises is good.The development of "new infrastructure" cannot be achieved without financial support. From the perspective of the management, it is a better way to promote "new infrastructure" by providing policy preference in the use of special debt, ABS, REITs and other tools.At the same time, Banks and other financial institutions to participate in the "new infrastructure" of high-tech enterprises to provide more comprehensive funding support will also be conducive to the efficient implementation of the project.In addition, by making good use of PPP mode and combining preferential policies, we can fully introduce small and medium-sized private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises with technical capabilities to participate in the new infrastructure construction, which can also help the development of "new infrastructure" projects to be more perfect.


Wang qing said that innovation itself has strong uncertainty, high risk, and the matching degree of indirect financing methods such as bank loans is relatively weak, while diversified direct financing methods such as equity and creditor's rights in the capital market are expected to further highlight the supporting role of "new infrastructure".To be specific, we can mainly support qualified "new infrastructure" related enterprises to be listed on the board of science and innovation, the growth enterprise market, the new third board and the regional equity exchange market, and support them to issue different types and varieties of bonds on the capital market.In addition, by promoting the development of the multi-level capital market, some "new infrastructure" projects can also raise funds through private industry funds and local government industry guidance funds, which will help optimize the allocation efficiency of financial resources in the direction of economic transformation and upgrading