China Construction Machinery develops 250,000th excavator of "SANY" with high quality

2019-12-16 15:05:12 GARY

China News Network, Jiangsu News, December 14th (Huang Ying) won the No. 1 domestic sales volume of Sany Heavy Machinery for the ninth consecutive year, and its production and sales exceeded 250,000 units. Su Zimeng, executive vice chairman of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said in an interview on the 12th that China's construction machinery industry as a whole is continuing to develop with high quality.

SANY Heavy Machinery's 250,000th excavator went offline.  Photo courtesy of Sany Heavy Machinery
SANY Heavy Machinery's 250,000th excavator went offline. Photo courtesy of Sany Heavy Machinery

  Su Zimeng introduced that China's construction machinery industry has achieved remarkable results in terms of development speed, manufacturing, and after-sales service this year. From January to October, sales revenue increased by 16.5%, and total profit increased by 58% year-on-year. "The entire industry is characterized by continuous improvement in development quality, accelerated changes in the market structure, and significant increase in contradictions. With the superimposed pull of the demand for renewal of stock and incremental demand, the overall economy remains relatively high."

  In 2002, Sany Heavy Machinery's first hydraulic excavator was off the production line. After more than ten years of development, Sany Heavy Machinery already has the world's leading and completely independent excavator manufacturing technology, and has become China's construction machinery industry. Leading company. On the 12th, the 250,000th excavator of Sany Heavy Machinery went offline in the Sany Industrial Park in Kunshan, Jiangsu, marking a new development period for Sany Heavy Machinery. One out of every six excavator stocks in China has a Sany excavation Machine products.

  Yu Hongfu, Chairman of SANY Heavy Machinery, said that active innovation and continuous improvement of core competitiveness, leading the growth of SANY Heavy Machinery, will also support future development. Every year, Sany Heavy Machinery's investment in intelligent manufacturing and technology research and development continues to increase, and its market share continues to increase. Sany Heavy Machinery is also actively exploring the prospective technology of excavators such as unmanned driving, smart mine construction and new energy applications, and has formed scientific and technological achievements.

“Iron and Steel Beasts” stand in Trinity Industrial Park, Kunshan, Jiangsu
“Iron and Steel Beasts” stand in Trinity Industrial Park, Kunshan, Jiangsu

  It is understood that from January to November 2019, Sany excavators sold nearly 50,000 units in China, an increase of 25% over the same period last year. Yu Hongfu revealed that while exploring the traditional domestic market in the future, Sany Heavy Machinery will continue to advance on the road of digitalization and internationalization, and strive to build a world-class brand. At present, Sany has established localized distribution systems in more than 100 countries around the world, with more than 300 high-quality overseas agents.

  “SANY ’s continuous advancement is a true reflection of the growing strength of China ’s manufacturing industry.” Su Zimeng said that in recent years, SANY Heavy Machinery has effectively grasped the key opportunity period for the development of the industry, and actively engaged in research and development, technology, quality and service In terms of integration and improvement, it has achieved the top three excavator manufacturers in the world from domestic first.

  According to Su Zimeng, more and more industry companies have given priority to improving core competitiveness, and they are more concerned about technology, product quality, product reliability, durability, and functional diversity and energy diversity to meet new needs. , Intelligent, green, complete, comfortable and so on. With the emergence of new materials, new processes and new construction methods, many new concepts and new products have been spawned, which will help Chinese manufacturing to provide better services to users worldwide. "The tallest buildings, the most difficult tunnels, and the longest bridges, there are many projects in China that are unique in the world. These foundations of excellence will create better development space for the future."